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ward74 [userpic]
CLAWFINGER-Moscow pics 8/07/2007
by ward74 (ward74)
at July 9th, 2007 (10:28 pm)

All pics are here

Amy Kate [userpic]
Clawfinger interview
by Amy Kate (amykatephoto)
at June 28th, 2007 (11:49 am)

I've just did an interview with Zak Tell from Clawfinger for the Hungarian Underground Magazin
Since the webzine is in Hungarian only, I decided to post the original, English version to my public, work-related journal.
You can read it here:

- Amy Kate

Clawfinger live at Moscow 13.05.06
by ok-jack (ok_jack)
at February 7th, 2007 (01:18 am)

by alden (sverige1987)
at April 5th, 2005 (01:27 am)

Not much talking going on around here. Does anyone know if Clawfinger will ever come on tour in American?

music swapping
by alden (sverige1987)
at February 10th, 2004 (10:54 pm)

hey all!... check this out.. emailed clawfinger asking about filesharing and this is what they had 2 say.

"Hey no problem man, if we can make someone happy by doing so little then cool, anyway without fans we’re nothing
so it’s just a small way of showing our appreciation! As for music sharing well I do it myself man, I’m just as much of a
music consumer as I am a member of a band and I think it’s a great way to check out new music properly before I pay
expensive prices for cd’s, I can’t affort to pay that much for cd’s where only a couple of songs are good! In other words
thatks to the net I can check out albums & only by the ones that are all killer & no filler and then download the rest of
the songs instead:D Fining the kids for filesharing is not the way to solve the problem, it’s just a way to find scapegoats
and will not in any way bebefit the record companies as they are attacking their main buying target, dumb fuckers! Well
Alden I don’t have the time to get deeper into the topic than this as I have plenty more mails to answer, take care man
and be cool be yourself/Zak"

by complex neurologic operative system (gokuraku)
at November 3rd, 2003 (05:53 pm)
current song: nigger

so... i just bought the first two albums, "deaf dumb and blind" and "use your brain" that i only had in a lousy mp3 version.

sheesh... i wish it could be easy to find the first albums as it is to find the latest 2. they became popular here with the "a whole lot of nothing", and since Portugal is such a small country, it's not easy to find these older originals ^_^

Buying Zeros and Heros
by EnDYmiON (endyshouse)
at October 3rd, 2003 (01:24 pm)

current mood: excited
current song: Clawfinger - Do What I Say (Hanger Remix)

Finally broke down and started searching Clawfinger's labels and distributer and ended up on Amazon.de. Had to strain to remember my german but there it was...Zeros and Heros for purchase!!! How long have they had a new album out and I've been so frustrated with amazon.com because they barely have A Whole Lot of Nothing, actually had to get A Whole Lot of Nothing used but that was well worth it! It's EUR 15,00 to ship Zeros & Heros but I don't care anymore...getting one for a friend of mine, he'll pay me back! =P

Weeeee!!! Clawfinger fun here I come!

Mirrorglassball [userpic]
by Mirrorglassball (mirrorglassball)
at September 29th, 2003 (09:15 pm)

Erlend Ottem has decided to leave Clawfinger after 10 years in order to follow his career as a software specialist. "It has been a tough decision for me but I have decided to settle down and focus on other directions such as family life and my profession. I will never forget the precious experience made as a bandmember of Clawfinger and wish the guys only the best for the forthcoming decade". Zak, Jocke and Bård understand and accept his decision and wish him good luck in his new life. Erlend will not be replaced as Bård feels confident enough to be the main guitar axeman on his own!

Ant-Greed Anti-Life [userpic]
by Ant-Greed Anti-Life (skidd)
at September 10th, 2003 (06:38 pm)

current mood: amused

***Static-X has now listed "The Only", come check it out along with "Ostegolectric" and "Destroy All" on their player, just click the link: http://www.bandbuilder.com/static-x/index.php?ref_code=D23469 ,then tell me what you think.

****Don't FORGET about October 7th, the release of their DVD and third album SHADOW ZONE!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY FOLKS!!!!****

Mirrorglassball [userpic]
Clawfinger Live!
by Mirrorglassball (mirrorglassball)
at August 26th, 2003 (12:19 am)

Share your favorite Clawfinger experience!!!!

I have yet to see them live and would love to see them... but if you could, here's your chance to share with us what it felt like!!!

Anyone want to relate their experiences? =)

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